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Bacon-Wrapped Steak

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Who doesn’t love a few crisp strips of bacon? And who can resist a big, burly juicy steak? Well, now here’s something for lovers of both… a huge, shiny, sizzling bacon-wrapped beef steak for any day of the week!


Even if you’re in no mood to cook, this is the easiest thing to do  any day, any time. You can prepare this quickly on a lazy weekend while you lounge around. Or as a busy mid week meal when you need a hearty one to tide you over the stressful days. Pair this with a big bowl of greens and a chilled bottle of good wine and you’re all set.

And you can even prepare this in various versatile ways – stove top, on an outdoor grill or oven-baked like I recommended to my friends over at Homemade Quirk. For the complete juicy recipe, head on over to my friends at the community blog of Quirk books. While there, plan to stay a while because they’ve got some of the best books around !


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