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A Fresh Start in September

For the past month, our house has been in "back-to-school" mode. With two elementary age girls, it would be easy to blame this on kindergarten and third grade. But the truth is, I have always felt September to be the beginning of something.

Perhaps it's the newly sharpened #2 pencils in a brightly colored box, a closet brimming with clothes, tags still attached, or the excitement of meeting a new teacher, but there's something fresh about September. It's a month filled with possibility and the cool, crisp breath of change.

That's why I'm making my New Year resolutions now. (click to continue reading)


Betty Ann Quirino

Betty Ann Quirino

Meet Betty Ann Quirino from Asian in America. Betty Ann is a regular contributor to Kitchen PLAY as part of the sweepstakes we hold alongside each Progressive Party. Over the last year and beyond, she has snagged some pretty awesome prizes from the Kitchen PLAY contests, as well as catching the eye of some high-quality brands and publishers in the process (such as Honey Ridge Farms and Quirk Books).

Why She's a Stand Out: Betty Ann truly knows her passion. Her mantra is: "Over 25 years of Filipino home cooking." Every post she writes embodies that spirit, as she shares family recipes and insights into her heritage.

Beyond that, Betty Ann has her sights firmly set on where she's going with her blog. She's dedicated, thoughtful, and measured when it comes to her work and the direction she's taking.

What You Can Learn From Her: Betty Ann has a rare ability to balance her generosity with a keen business sense, without ever letting one overpower the other. Finding balance--even between what seem like opposing forces--will bring depth to your work, too!


Promote Your Work with the Kitchen PLAY Question of the Month

Question of the month: What back-to-school tip or ritual keeps your kitchen humming, even as the lunch boxes are flying?

Reply to this newsletter with a short (2-3 sentence) answer, or email your response to [email protected] Selected responses will be published on Kitchen PLAY, along with submitter's name and a link to his/her blog URL. This is a great way to let folks know why they should visit your blog for more!


Great Links

Here are a few of the useful articles I've read, products I've tried and advice I've taken over the past few months. I think you'll like them, too!

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  • I haven't tried this out yet, but it sounds cool. Evernote fans, take notice!

  • With a grand prize valued at $15,000 (and only a handful of entries so far), maybe you'll be the next Mobile Skillet Cooking App Star!


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