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A Recipe for a Grand “Big Summer Potluck”

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After I came back from “The Big Summer Potluck 2012”, the first thing I did was write a note to two close blogger friends who I wished had come with me. Here’s an open letter to @Tangled Noodle  and @PastryChfOnline. Someday, I hope they can come join me!

Dear Tracey and Jenni,

It’s been a week since I packed my pickles, my bags and cameras to go to “The Big Summer Potluck”.

I wish you had been with me. In one word,  it was “inspiring” !

Full disclosure: I took more photos than notes. What can I say? It was the kind of weekend where you unplug, put away your notebook, and just immerse yourself in the moment.

Next time, please come join me! Good friends don’t let friends miss “The Big Summer Potluck!”

Here were some of the “can’t miss moments”…

Day 1 : Opening Dinner at the Anderson’s home

My potluck contribution’ : The Filipino Achara Green Papaya Pickles and Green Mango Sweet Pickles, perfect to pair with any dish especially the famous Pam Anderson’s fried chicken and grilled lemon chicken !

Day 2 : A day of fun at the Silver Buttons Farm

Event organizers : Pam, Maggy and Erika worked hard to give us all a good time!

From the barn, we moved outside to enjoy the expanse of the farm. We made the outdoors our conference venue – using the green, thick grass as the cool carpet beneath our feet, the summer sun to illuminate us, the robin blue sky as our ceiling, and the trees and lush surroundings, our walls.

Yes, food bloggers sing for supper ! That’s @DivaThatAteNY Jackie Gordon belting it out like there was no tomorrow!

Day 3 : Farewell brunch at the Anderson’s home

I will always remember the “AHA” moments that weekend…

Who knew that a simple potluck, under the skies, by the trees, at the farm could bring out the best in all of us ?



I like to give my readers a recipe each time I get back from a trip, so here it is… a recipe for a grand food bloggers retreat! Serving size was unlimited. Ease of recipe – very easy!


  • 3 days smoldering hot, with a dash of thunderstorms now and then Gorgeous summer weather
  • a gazillion dishes and desserts Food
  • a bottomless unlimited supply Drinks and beverages
  • 1 lovely place secluded, sprawling, and private country home of Anderson's
  • 1 large beautiful, rustic farm Silver Button Farms
  • 5 to 6, Joy Brooke, Marisa, Molly, Pam, Chef Hansen Terrific speakers
  • 3 awesome ones Pam, Maggy, Erika Event organizers
  • 78 approximately some with husbands, partners, babies in tow Food Bloggers
  • 1 huge one for passing around to anyone who wanted to speak up Open microphone
  • Musselmann's KitchenAid,Kerrygold, Analon, Tasty Kitchen, Green Mountain Coffee, Driscoll's Berries, Attune Foods, Bob's Red Mill Sponsors, several generous ones
  • A lot of it for sprinkling around Fun, Laughter, Singing, Dancing




  • Decompress
  • Renew
  • Be mindful.
  • Be personal.
  • Be warm.
  • Be generous.
  • Slow down.
  • Have a seat.
  • Have a drink.
  • Share a story.
  • Give a hug.
  • Take photos. Lots of it.
  • Be inspired.
  • Finish off with a promise to be back for the next “Big Summer Potluck”!
  • *Guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

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  1. This is the ultimate ‘wish you were here’ postcard! Thanks so much for the shout-out and you know that I would’ve been there right alongside you if there were a wee bit fewer miles between us. Thank you for sharing such a fun weekend with us all! 😎

    1. Hi Tracey! Yes, that would be wonderful if you could join us on all these bloggers conferences. I know of a lot of folks who’ve heard of you and think you’re an awesome writer and journalist. Come over now!

  2. Haha LOVE your checklist! Check check and check 🙂 awesome meeting you! I am taking your advice to heart. See you in October perhaps?

    1. Thanks, Colleen. It’s always nice to see you at these events! You’re such a nice, warm soul! Wish we lived much closer. Till next food event ~ keep blogging and cooking all those delightful dishes 🙂

  3. Oh, BA–I cannot tell you how happy this made me! I’m so happy that you were there, that you captured it all to share with us along with your wonderful recipe:)

    You are the best, and I do hope that You, Tracey and I can all hang out together one day, Potluck or no.

    1. Thanks,Jenni! How kind of you to say all these nice things! You and TN were foremost on my mind when I was @BSP3 ! Yes, let’s vow to hang together someday soon, potluck or not. Hugs, JF 🙂

    1. Hi Kathy, thanks for the blog-visit. I can just see your face, amused while reading this. Glad we got to hang out,too. Elpi was so worried after we left you at the bus stop in PA. Good to know you got home ok. Till next event 🙂

  4. What a wonderful photo essay of the Big Summer Potluck! (I see you got me in a pic too)
    It was so nice to get to spend some time with you and Elpi at the retreat. What a wonderful weekend! I hope to see you again soon!

    1. Hi Paula. You are so sweet! Thanks for the blog visit and encouraging comments. Someday, hope I can have a real big potluck with blogger friends like you!

  5. I *love* this recipe. 🙂 It was so wonderful to see you again, though I wish we’d had just a little more time to chat and catch up. Next year, I hope!
    PS – Your pickles were amazing! I don’t think I can ever have fried chicken again without a side of green mango pickle. 🙂

    1. Hi Isabelle, same here ~ it was great to see you again at BSP3! What an enjoyable weekend wasn’t it? Glad you liked the pickles – I provided links on the post in case you want some 🙂

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