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How to Win: My Mother’s Philippine Recipes Cookbook GIVEAWAYS for Mother’s Day

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Memories of my late mom, Lourdes “Lulu” Reyes Besa, her cooking and her love come back vividly to me on Mother’s Day. I have gathered her favorite Filipino recipes in My Mother’s Philippine Recipes Cookbook and so for Mother’s Day, I’m giving away two free copies to readers in partnership with Liren Baker, the wonderful recipe creator of Kitchen Confidante. So go check out details on her blog which I guarantee you will love for all of Liren’s scrumptious recipes, beautiful food photographs, and heartwarming stories of her family, friends and favorite things.

Liren Baker is a rock star culinary authority and has been a good friend since we started blogging almost at the same time some eight years ago. We see each other virtually nearly every day on our social media platforms and I relish her mouth-watering food photographs and love her recipes and anecdotes about what’s new with her family life. I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing Liren during conferences of the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) and catching up in person. Last February, I was honored when she purchased my cookbook, which I wrote to honor mom’s cooking.

So I was overjoyed today to see on Kitchen Confidante that Liren made the Coconut Leche Flan from my cookbook, in time for Mother’s Day and to celebrate all moms this weekend. For the complete recipe of my Coconut Leche Flan check out Liren’s beautiful version on her site. 

I wrote My Mother’s Philippine Recipes Cookbook from the heart. I wanted to share my mother’s love for cooking and her love for entertaining friends. Like all of us, mom started out as a novice in the kitchen. My mom, Lourdes “Lulu” Reyes Besa was a party-loving Manila city girl for a long time before she married my dad, Gualberto Besa. As a young bride, Lulu Reyes was transplanted to the rural, agricultural town of Tarlac and quickly learned the ways of a farmer’s wife. Nearly every dish she cooked from scratch, from breakfast to dinner, with meriendas in between, used ingredients from produce and vegetables my dad cultivated in our backyard and farms. Over time, mom’s expertise in the kitchen grew and her Kapampangan cooking was unrivaled. This is why I created the cookbook for you. I transformed traditional Filipino food into everyday dishes in my American kitchen. It’s to demystify the notion that mom’s cooking is hard to do. Yes, you can cook these Philippine classics, too. Just remember what mom always taught me: the right ingredient for the best dish start with love.

Mom loved desserts and our meals ended sweetly with Filipino desserts like a Coconut Leche Flan. Our Tarlac home in the Philippines was lined with lush coconut trees around the perimeter of our yard. Mom created magical desserts using coconuts from our trees.

My late mom would lavish guests with her Pancit Palabok or a scrumptious Crispy Pata.

Win copies of My Mother’s Philippine Recipes Cookbook plus this unique, large-sized canvas shopping totes with my original Filipino caldero art. This Giveaway is in partnership with Kitchen Confidante by Liren Baker. Go check out the Coconut Leche Flan recipe on her blog. Click here. And to WIN the GIVEAWAY please follow me @BettyAnnQuirino and @kitchconfidante on Instagram.

Giveaway is for USA residents. Runs till May 17, 2018.

*This giveaway has now ended. Winners will be informed. Thank you for participating.

  • Photo credits: Photography of Lourdes Reyes Besa by Bob’s Manila Studio. Reprinted with permission from the Besa-Quirino LLC library and the Gualberto Besa family.
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  1. Hi! I I hope I win the book! The Leche Flan looks so delicious. I didn’t even know about Kitchen Confidante until I read this post so I’m glad I “found” her website too.

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