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Pretzel – Chorizo and Pork Tapas

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I had a bowl and could not stop. The crunchy, salty bite-sized mini shaped knots were addictive. I looked at them and wondered what made it hard to resist. Even further, I pondered if I could do a recipe with pretzels. So off I went to do my own ‘R & D’.

I found some amazing pretzel prattle. Did you know that pretzels were said to be created by Catholic monks who made them from leftover dough? This probably explains the pretzel’s knot, which was meant to represent the Holy Trinity. Later on, history tells us pretzels symbolized the marriage bond with reference to the phrase ‘tying the knot”. Just like most of you, I also always wondered about that phrase.


But let’s go back to the pretzel. National Pretzel Day is celebrated this month of April.  What started out as soft pretzels in the beginning  evolved into a batch of hard, crisp pretzels. Stories tell us of a Pennsylvania baker who accidentally left a batch in the oven too long and but resulted in the firmer pretzel version it is today.

Speaking of, let me tantalize you with my pretzel ideas. I wanted to serve some unique appetizers so these were perfect –  easy to do tapas, with a spicy pork chorizo filling bundled in a flakey puff pastry slider.

“Tapa” in Spanish means ‘to cover’ or else ‘to layer atop one another’, depending on the context. In this case, the tapas I put together were delightful bite-sized starters piled high with layers of flavors – spicy pork-chorizo filling, a lot of grated cheese, all stuffed into a small buttery slider. To make the assembly even more crunch-worthy, I topped the appetizer with mini pretzels.It was quick to do from start to finish. You’ll have plenty of time to pour the wine, relax and relish every bite.  So find a reason to celebrate. Start with National Pretzel Day and top the day with these tapas.

For the complete recipe of my Pretzel- Chorizo and Pork Tapas, head over to my guest post on Homemade Quirk. You’ll be glad I sent you – they have got some amazing books and cookbooks on the Quirk Books site, you’ll find it hard to leave!


* Attribution:  National Pretzel Day and pretzel history information was from Punchbowl.com

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  1. Hi There,
    It is looking so good with all the lovely pictures and write up as well. I have been here after a while but enjoyed scrolling through your rest of the wonderful recipes. I’ve bookmarked this special recipe of yours and would love to give it a shot.
    Have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks for sharing awesome recipes.
    Best Regards, Sonia !!!

  2. Love the chorizo part of this tapas and of course the addition of the pretzels is very interesting. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe, Elizabeth. 🙂

  3. My kids haven’t really enjoyed eating Pretzels yet. I thought it’s a very unique taste when I first tried it when I came to the US. It’s a fun way to put it in the tapas! I love crunchy food – so addictive!

    1. Thanks, Nami. I get what you mean – same here, I found the pretzels too salty at first. Then I couldn’t stop after I got used to it. This was a quick appetizer to put together & looked pretty all fixed up next to a glass of wine. Enjoy 🙂

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